GCDtec Computer Repairs

Has your computer slowed down or are you having problems running applications, does your internet no longer work?

Simply give us a call to assess the issue and decide whether a 1 to 1 engineer visit is required.

We will provide a quote for the repair and either perform the repair onsite or take the computer away and repair in our workshop.

Most repairs can be done by reinstalling software or changing software settings, however should a hardware repair be necessary we are also able to diagnose and replace.

In most circumstances we will require the necessary login password, and any other login details that may be required.

You can change these passwords either before or after our visit in order to maintain your security.

Over a period of time computers perform lots of updates to keep security up to date and to fix software issues, this along with many hidden temporary files that are created whilst you use your computer can cause your machine to slow down dramatically.

Re installation of the operating system will provide the best repair, we can alternatively try and remove the hidden files and update files however this never gets near the faster end result of re installation.

For best results we can install a new Solid State Hard Disk Drive, this is more costly as we need to backup your old HDD as well as provide the hardware, however it will give your results of up to 6 times faster than when you first had the machine!

When you open the internet browser a message tells you that you have no connection.

This can be a number issues from not connecting to the right Wifi SSID, to firewall or software issues.

In some circumstances it could be your broadband router at fault, you could try restarting it to fix the issue.

If your computer is a laptop, check that the power supply is working, does it have a light on when plugged in?

If your computer is a desktop PC, check that the power cable is securely pushed in and the power is on, also check the monitor cable is connected correctly.

This can be a number of things such as Hard Disk Failure, Incorrect BIOS settings or a Software Issue.

However it can also be something simple like leaving a USB drive plugged in, simply remove the USB device and reboot.

There are many different issues your computer can have.

Give us a call and explain the problem in your own words, we will try and assess what course of remedial action is necessary.

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